District E Programmatic Vision
Developing the programmatic vision for District E - a new city district in the heart of the Brainport Region - to complement the design of the buildings.
District E is the future of Eindhoven: through a smart programme business, culture, innovation and design merge into a place of significance for the region.
Amvest asked Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe and TU/e LightHouse to develop the programmatic vision (complementary to the design of the buildings by Powerhouse Company) in cooperation with many involved parties.

During the Dutch Design Week 2020 we presented the vision for the programme in a virtual 3D room with a video (in Dutch):

The concept programme will be checked and enriched with the input of stakeholders in the region. At the same time we acknowledge that the world is dynamic and that a programme should continuously adapt, so new insights and ideas are always welcome.
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